we are a band from new brunswick, NJ

Sep 20

"Low" off of Bloom & Breathe, available 10/21.

Anonymous said: So pumped for Bloom and Breathe to release, are you guys touring this autumn?

Yes, we have a bunch of tour dates planned for the remainder of 2014, we hope to announce them soon!

Sep 19

Stream “Low” at Rock Sound

We’re excited to unveil a new track, “Low,” off of Bloom & Breathe today over at Rock Sound!

You can stream the track here.

In addition, UK fans can now preorder the record through Banquet Records here-

Digital preorders are also available through iTunes -

We’re all very excited about the way this track came out, as it was written in a very atypical way (at least for us). From the quote on Rock Sound:

"Dan really ended up leading the structure of this song with the beat, which was the spirit of the original idea. We were tired of piecing parts together at the time, and the chorus was written around the vocal melody which is unusual for us as well. Lyrically, the more I edited this song, the less I liked it, and I ended up keeping the original draft which I’ve never done. We’re all very proud of the way it came together in the end and is one of our collective favorite tracks on the album."  - Kevin

We hope you all enjoy!  Bloom & Breathe is out October 21st!

Sep 17

New Website

We built a new website using Squarespace, and we’re amped on it. Head to and check it out! There’s a full video archive, lyrics, and a blog we’ll be updating frequently as well.

Anonymous said: You guys saved me, thank you for doing what you do. Favorites hands down

Music is definitely the reason I wake up in the morning and the reason I can’t sleep at night. It’s incredible that others are affected by what we create and that means a lot to us. I’m not sure what you mean by “saved me,” but I can tell you this. Keep existing. It’s worth it.

Sep 12

A few months ago we ventured off to an abandoned church in Gary, Indiana along with the Audiotree crew to film a new music video. We’re happy to share that video with you all today.

Check out “Not My Blood" from our new album Bloom & Breathe, which is available for preorder on CD/LP here:
And on iTunes here:

Produced by Audiotree Music
Direction/Cinematography: Bryan Racine
Editing/Graphics: Austin Isaac Peters

Anonymous said: Would you guys ever consider releasing like tabs/chords to your songs?

Maybe some day. I know Ethan has tabs of all his parts written out. The rest of us not so much

Sep 11

Sep 9

Anonymous said: Would next Tuesday be a bad day to look for pre-orders?

this Thursday at noon would be a better time ;)

Aug 27

Anonymous said: What guitars do you all use?

Kevin plays a Gibson les paul double cutaway with Seymour Duncan stacked P90 pickups.

Dan plays a custom Warmoth telecaster deluxe with a Fender strat neck. It has a humbucker at the neck and a single-coil bridge pickup.

Ethan plays 2 Fender telecasters. One is a ‘69 thinline, the other is a ‘72 telecaster deluxe. They both have a single American Fender wide range humbucker in the neck position. All tone knobs and selectors have been removed and each guitar has a single volume knob.

Mike plays a Gibson grabber

Aug 23

Anonymous said: Do you guys use any like alternate tunings, or are all your songs in standard tuning?

We use a variety of guitar tunings, ranging from drop C# to FACGCE to DADGAD, and sometimes even standard EADGBE. We even play some songs where everyone is using a different tuning than each other. fun stuff!

Aug 21

Gates Announce New Album ‘Bloom & Breathe’



Gates will be releasing Bloom & Breathe on October 21st via Pure Noise Records. Check out the artwork and track listing for the release below after the jump.

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Thanks, POZ!



Bloom & Breathe - 10/21/14

Bloom & Breathe - 10/21/14

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